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With Magento Affiliate, you can effectively organize automated advertising campaign and pay-per-sale affiliate marketing program. You can build a team of sales reps which use their visitors and opt-in lists to advertise your products.

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You can gain increased traffic and sales, generate qualified leads, extend your brand awareness, and get better search engine rankings.

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The Best Affiliate Magento Extension: Affiliate+ Was Updated to v1.2


We used several Magento extension for affiliate programs but this, we think, is the best one. Magento Affiliate+ now has a new version in which some fixes were implemented. This Magento extension has the most important and useful features to run your own affiliate program.

Here is a small presentation giving more information about Affiliate+ extension:

Most important features of this extension are:

For Affiliates:

  • Easily manage affiliate accounts (registering for affiliate rograms, referrals to join in different affiliate programs, manage transactions,payment and sales, provides banners, script/code to place in referrals’ websites);
  • Manage commissions (different commissions for each affiliate program, automatically adding commission to referral’s account once a transaction is completed, ability to request payment when his commission has reached the threshold of payment)

For Admins:

  • Enable to comfortably select which Affiliate programs are adaptable to your storeManage affiliate program (manage referrals, manage transactions, set different commission rate for each program, allows running affiliate programs for certain products or categories and stores, );
  • Manage banners (assigns banners to affiliate programs, assigns links to banners);
  • Manage accounts (sign up page for affiliates is separated from customer registration page,affiliates must be approved by admin after registration,allows administrators to view/edit accounts’ information);
  • Manage transactions & payments (view all transactions and their status, update status of payment once it is released, automatic and manual PayPal payments, offer customers discounts/commissions based on % or fixed level of the purchase value of their referrals);
  • View statistic, charts and reports;
  • Multi-store support (ability to manage particularly each store or commonly all stores, banners may be saved for each store value and different from others in stores).

You can buy Magento Affiliate+ extension from Magestore website.

Customer Reward Extension


Customer Reward extension will help you to keep your customers loyal by awarding them through their activities in your store. Gathering reward points will result in making more sales to customers. Customer Reward extension allows you to change different units such as point, currency unit and click. Rewards system is also implemented with Referral program.

Customer Reward extension makes an adaptable reward point system. When your customers take actions such as: product purchase, registration, review of product, participation in poll, adding tags, newsletter subscription or sharing link to friends, the system will automatically award points to them with predefined rates. Moreover, when somebody buys a product through referral link, they can get commission points and invited customers may receive discount of that product as well. Reward points are redeemable to purchase products from your online store.

You can find more information about this extension on MageStore website.