October 2012 eCommerce Survey

eCommerce platforms shares

The quarterly eCommerce survey was released recently by UK developer Tom Robertshaw. It looks at all sites in the Alexa 1 Million that are doing eCommerce and analyzes which platform is being used.

eCommerce platforms shares

The October 2012 eCommerce survey found 35,218 eCommerce sites in the Alexa Top 1 Million ( a 4% increase since the February eCommerce survey).

Magento  is still the leading eCommerce software platform with a 23% share of the market. Magento has seen growth in every single edition since the survey began 2 years ago. It is used in 8,087 sites, which is a 20% growth rate since the last survey in February alone.


Market Share

Magento 23.0%
Zen Cart 12.9%
Vurtue Mart 10.4%
osCommerce 8.2%
PrestaShop 7.4%
OpenCart 5.0%
Volusion 3.1%
Yahoo! Stores 3.0%
Interspire 2.8%
Ubercart 2.4%

Following the top two platforms, both VirtueMart and osCommerce take a dip in numbers. Conversely, both PrestaShop and OpenCart see significant increases.Being the second by popularity platform, Zen Cart continues to increase, up 12 percentage points to 4,451 sites. Both Magento and Zen Cart have released new versions since the last survey.

eCommerce platforms shares


Source: tomrobertshaw.net