Magento as a Service


Magento Go is a hosted version of Magento. It combines the best of Magento’s award-winning eCommerce platform with a premium hosting infrastructureis. With Magento Go customers can experience all the benefits of selling online, without the complexity of managing servers and software.

Magento Go is sold as SaaS service and it’s target are small and emerging merchants. Magento Go enables them to quickly build and launch an online store. Magento handles all of the software, servers, hosting and security so they can focus on growing their online business. Magento Go is hosted on a highly-available infrastructure and in top-tier datacenters to provide merchants with a robust platform to run their online stores. With Magento Go merchants don’t care about any upgrades – Magento Go is upgraded frequently to provide them with the most current feature set to use in their online store.Take a look at the Magento Go Tour!

Here you can find the full features list.

Magento Go monthly fee starts from 15$/mo and depends on the chosen plan . You can find the actual prices on the Magento Go micro-website.


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