AJAX Cart Pro: What Are The Benefits?

ajax cart pro

ajax cart pro

The AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento contributes into making your online store convenient for clients. The module helps your customers avoid annoying reloads, save their time and speed up the process of shopping. With each addition or deletion, only the shopping cart is refreshed. Best of all, it also works on the shopping cart page, enabling deletions and additions without page reloads.

AJAX Cart Pro v.2.5 is compatible with Magento v. One more great feature of the updated version is virtual products support.

With the AJAX Cart Pro extension, when adding configurable, downloadable, virtual or products with custom options to cart from the category page, your consumers are not redirected to the product page – they are offered to select item’s options exactly from the pop-up confirmation dialog.

The AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento lets you to take control of every aspect of the module, including:

  • Progress animation — defines progress block position (center, top, bottom or none)
  • Cart animation — defines the cart update animation effect (opacity, grow, blink or none)
  • AJAX activity indicator — allows you to override an activity image on your own
  • “Show confirmation” dialog — enables or disables pop-up dialog with product name, “Continue shopping” or “View cart & checkout” links

To find the complete description of the module features, visit the AJAX Cart Pro product page.

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