20% OFF for the First 20 Who Order Group Deals Extension


This time the Group Deals extension is under the spotlight! No one can deny the power of collective purchases. With this great extension, you can offer products and services at significantly lower prices. It helped hundreds of businesses to establish and improve their purchasing operations, now you can become one of them.


Enter GDTOP20 coupon code while checkout to get 20% discount for this great extension! Note: the offer is valid for the first 20 buyers.

1 thought on “20% OFF for the First 20 Who Order Group Deals Extension”

  1. I know this is an old post, but I hope you monitor comnetms. I’ve used navicat for years (just not with crapgento). I cannot get data transfer to work (without crashing magento). I’m still using SQL dumps. There’s another panel of options in navicat’s data transfer dialog, you didn’t take a screen shot of. It has the nitty gritty details of the data transfer (like fk constraint, autoincrement, etc). Can you please post what extra options you’re using, because the defaults don’t work for me.

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