Membership Extension


Do you think Amazon Prime is good idea? Well, this program increased Amazon’s sales and made their customer more loyal.

With this extension you can create a membership program with different packages, fees and benefits for customers to choose. Your customers save money and online merchants like you (probably) in turn will increase sales as customers are enticed to buy more products, which benefits for both sides.

The installation is easy and administrators can manage members and packages effectively.

Membership has a lot of outstanding features for both customers and administrators such as:

For customers:

  • Once purchased a membership package, customers will see products (under that package) displayed with new price
  • On a product page, visitors (haven’t logged in) will see link “View membership price”. A pop-up displayed price of the product under different packages will appear when they click on the link.
  • Customers can view the information about the package they purchased and they can renew membership when it expires.

For Administrators:

  • Administrator may view members, their packages and time they purchase a product.
  • Administrator can create many packages, set price, duration for each package.
  • Administrator can create groups of products which are given the same discount or free.

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