Optimizing Magento Performance


In this post we are presenting to you the last e-book from AheadWorks: Optimizing Magento Performance. You can download it right now.

According to the recent research, 64% of dissatisfied online shoppers said
they were less likely to visit a slow retailer again, 62% were less likely to
purchase from the site again and 48% would purchase from a competitor.
Such statistics always makes developers puzzle – from one hand, the website
owner wants the application to be multifunctional and universal, from the
other – it shouldn’t be slow. And the problem is always to make a solid
extension work as fast as possible.

Performance optimization is a good way out in such situation. Optimizing a
website, you should consider providing two factors:
1. acceptable pages loading speed;
2. acceptable pages loading speed when N people use the same application

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